Ludo Star Auto Mode Trick how to use? 🔥 first of all, play the game as a classic mode. 🔥 Secondly the bet, it totally depends on you, how many coins bet you play. Below is selecting the game variation set.

  1. Classic
  2. Master
  3. Quick

At the start play the game so you always do, it is simple you just need to start the game and play as you normally play.

Ludo Star auto mode trick

As we all know, we will have 4 tokens (Gotia) to play the Ludo star game. Below is the mastermind strategy to win the Ludo star auto paly.

Ludo Star Auto Mode Tricks

  1. You need to open three tokens. Don’t run it on auto yet, play the normal game until your three tokens are up and running.

Pro Tip: Never run it in auto, I repeat don’t run the Ludo star auto.

  1. The first two tokens must be in save locations like on stops or on some distance to the opponent’s tokens, stay in your area.
  2. Your home stop should have at least 1 token ready to kill opponents token.
  3. This is the most important task, now as your three tokens are out in in the Ludo Star game, two or one on the safe spot. Now it is the time to set your Ludo Star auto mode trick. The magic will start from here, the game system has its own cheats.
  4. As Ludo star auto mode has been set, now you will see the fantastic game algorithm, it will beat the opponent by its own artificial intelligence system. You just need to calm down and watch the victory. If you are not feeling comfortable to watch, because some of your tokens also are killed, you can close the game and relax. When you open the game again after some time, you will see the winning party :).

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in short: Start the game with classic, master and quick settings, play normal, three tokens open all three on a safe location, at least two of them at your own stop and let the Ludo star gameplay its own. Leave the Ludo star game on auto mode. Congratulation, you won the game with our tasted Ludo Star Auto Mode Trick.