Ludo Star Winning Streak Tricks

Ludo Start Best Winning Streak Trick No:1

When Open a Quick Game Must Remember One thing the number of game you won you will definitely lose greater than the number of games you won. Check out Ludo star quick game winning Tricks.


Ludo Star Winning Streak Tricks

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Ludo Star Best Winning Streak Trick No: 2

When you Play Quick Games and Won more than 3 games then change the mode to classic or master. This will help you in your winning streak. You will easily Win Master or Classic due to the higher number of Win Streak. After winning games in master or Classic again come to Quick Games. This will Decrease the Number of Lose Games.

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Ludo Star Best Winning Streak Trick No :3


Stop Avoid Number of Lose games you must play twice or thrice games. When you Won 2, or more than 2 games in Quick Mode then Change the Mode.