Ludo Start Quick Game Winning Tricks                                    

Ludo start quick game winning tricks

  • First Get your Token Out of home.
  • Then Move your Token with dice numbers until your second tokens get out of the home.
  • Now When you have Two Tokens One is Near to opponents home and the other one is still in your home
  • Then Don’t Move Your Home Token just move the opponents home token and place it on safe (stop) Just Wait for the opponent’s turn.

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  • If Opponent One token is back to your home then you have two choices if you get big numbers (6,4)(6,2)(6,1)
  • Then Move your home token to next stop. Or if this is not possible then take another token out of the base and move the home token instead of the opponent home token.
  • Now When he moves the Token use your gems and Move the opponent home token and chase him if killed then killed him right away.

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All Set to Win Quick Ludo Start Game

  • Now you also have to safe your home token to so that opponent will never get a pass to make victory over you.
  • Move your Tokens carefully and WIN.

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