Ludo Star: Win Quick Match Win 2M

Tip: 1

How to win Ludo star quick match: if you are not getting sixes, try to use 12:15, 12:30 and 12:45 tricks. Sometimes this trick won’t works as the game algorithm if this trick won’t work then use this trick, try to use 12:7 30sec, 12:22 30 sec.

If above not work use, this 12:00 means instantly as you get your turn, press dice twice instantly most of the times you will get 2sixes.

Always when you get your turn press dice 🎲 twice instantly, use it with all tricks.


Tip: 2

Already shared on the page, start game auto and keep watch. Most of the times the auto let you win, auto only good for quick.

Tip: 3 – Top

The league top win tip how to win the Ludo star quick match, these tips work for me every time I play, and please do not share with anyone, because the game developers always looking for them and disabling them.

1. Do not play league when you have a high streak, because you will get an opponent with the same level high streak and that will be very hard for you to beat.

2. Try to reduce your game winning percentage, if you have a higher game winning percentage you will get same or higher percentage opponent.

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