You might have seen many players who have millions of gold coins, yes I’ve seen too because there is a way to get it and free. Again, try it on your own risk, currently, it is available only for Android users.

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How To Get Unlimited Gold – Ludo Star Hack 1

This cheat is the best to get Ludo Star unlimited gold from Greedy new members (it is not a cheat). The first thing you have to do is play the game with max bet (10M).
Then say “Hi” or send emoji, if it needed.
Next check their profile, if their gold lower than 100M, maybe they are playing around 250k-5M.
Ask them, “How much is your bet?” In game chat.
Some people give an answer and some people will keep playing without letting you know, you have to be polite enough to know it.
If they are playing 250K, then offer them 1M or 2M.
If 1M, offer them 2-3M
If 5M, offer them 6-7M,
Send a message, like “I will give you 5M if you leave the Game” if they are agreed, do then next step.
Add him/her to be your Ludo Star game friend and tell them to leave.
So if you were playing a 10M game, you will get 20M, be fair here, don’t do the cheat.
After he/she left the game, start a new game, equal to what you offered them. Invite them and give them Gold as you promised to them.

How To Get Unlimited Gold – Ludo Star Hack 2

How To Get Unlimited Gold – Ludo Star Hack 3

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