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Ludo star is such a supportive game that can easily be played with friends and family. It is not different from the one that we used to play in our childhood. Ludo Star shares the same purpose of bringing your loved ones together. It has become the companion of leisure time for a large population of the world. 

With the passage of time, many other similar games are emerging such as Ludo star 2, Ludo King, and Ludo Club. Now Ludo Star vs Ludo King is also seen in competition. Moreover, the Ludo Star vs Ludo Star 2 has the audience is divided into two sides. 


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Ludo Star vs Ludo Star 2:

Ludo star is a well-appreciated game. However,  Ludo Star 2 is the advanced version of ludo star.  as all the new versions contain something unique so it also has some new opportunities,   such that playing for a private table is made easy as it no longer requires anything to bet. The inclusion of new arrows Is also a great achievement. Some unique and really beautiful dice also available in Ludo Star 2. The addition of leagues is also worth- appreciating. However,  many other changes have made it more attractive and unique. Ludo star vs Ludo Star 2 has become a bit older yet people are fond of it and enjoy it a lot. Old is gold suits here with the charm of a Ludo star.

Ludo Star vs Ludo Star 2

Ludo Star vs Ludo Star 2

Ludo Star vs Ludo King: 

Ludo King is another online game developed for the purpose of reviving the childhood memories of playing Ludo on board. It is an Indian free to play mobile game Available on many Android and Windows phones as well. It is having the opportunity for a multiplayer private table. It is having more options for customizing the interface of your Ludo board. 

Being the latest and unique Ludo King has won the heart of its audience within a short period of time. Ludo star vsLudo king has a bit slow ratings and it is seen that the audience is more attentive towards Ludo king. 

Ludo Star vs Ludo King

Ludo Star vs Ludo King

Ludo Star vs Ludo Club: 

Ludo Club is also seen to be another game of the town. The purpose lies the same, but the facilities and opportunities may differ. Ludo Club allows the players to enjoy dice games by sharing what’s app and Facebook invites with friends and family. It uses a minimum of data and works well even on 2G, 3G, and 4G but the ludo star vs ludo club may become annoying on slow data. It also provides support for online play even. 


At the end of the day, Ludo star vs all of the three keeps its repute well in the audience, even with the emergence of new ways.


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