Everyone says, do this and do that to get the Six in LudoStar game, but no one actually knows that the game developers have developed the game which gives almost equal total numbers to both players which include 6,5,4,3,2,1s. So what you need to know is how to get six when needed. 

I’ve shared here the most useful tip, which will help you to win every game, please don’t share this with everyone, as LudoStar developers disable whatever tricks work to get the six.

ludo star six tips

ludo star six tips

New Ludo Star TIps, when you need two six plus 5 or 1, do this. Let the time go till the end and just before last warning, tap the dice. You will get six, Press instantly again you will get 2nd six, never tap instantly again, otherwise, you will get 3 sixes, wait quarterly, so you will have 2 six plus 1or5. You won’t get Six every time you do this, try this after every 3-5 turns or when you needed.

We have been using this trick to get sixes, for more than 4 weeks now, and barely only a few people know about it. So it is highly recommended DO NOT SHARE. Thank you. Also read our other post, which will help you to know How To Win LudoSTAR

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