Tricks That Will Help You Win the Ludo Game

Ludo is a game of strategy and luck. Indeed, it is quite possible that when ludo winning strategy comes into action luck fails. While none of your strategies is working Luck is your only companion.

We all must have played this every game in our childhood and we all are well aware of the fact that it is composed of FOUR pits and one or two of the dice. We have a Ludo Board that has 3 stopping points. Of course, the first two may not be very important but definitely the third one is the most crucial. And then definitely the most critical point is the one when your pit is ahead of your component’s. And yes, the safest one is when you are at the resting point.

There are definitely some tricks and that all of us need to know and understand. I have also been its player for years and I know that the tricks that am going to discuss are of great worth.

ludo star winning strategy

ludo star winning strategy

So just lets them all:

  • The first and most important of all is to get all of your pieces out. And invest your number on every of your piece.
  • Make sure that you are confident of yourself.
  • Make every move after thinking at least for 7 to 8 sec. Think, rethink and play.
  • Cut the piece of your opponent as much as possible.
  • Don’t be lenient in any way. It is because your leniency can move you towards failure.
  • Keep the pit, which is closer to the success at a safe position & move it with large numbers. Invest smaller numbers on pieces that are just at the beginning to come out of the house.
  • If you have the number that does not suit any of your piece. It is quite better to move that has started its journey.
  • The first move of your dice is just dependent on your luck, afterwards, it is more a game of strategy than of luck.
  • Try to be quicker in your moves and keep your piece at a safer location.
  • Sometimes it is better to do cheating.
  • Do a bit more care of the piece that is closer to the target.
  • As discussed earlier, there are three pit stops. For the first two, you are not much worried to put them at risk. But for the third one, it becomes the game of life and death and yes the one should not be put in risk. Because if it has been killed you would have to start your journey again and that might be very hurting and will bring you close to failure and away from success.
ludo winning strategy

ludo winning strategy

I hope that the above given tricks might be helpful and will bring you success. But by the end of the day it is a game, try to enjoy it with your strategic moves and nice play because it’s a truth that failure and success are all part of the game.


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